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The Sea of Monsters  - Rick Riordan This was about my third time reading this book. I first picked up this series sometime around 2008, and reread the first two books shortly after, but then I kind of dropped out of reading altogether for a while, and now here I am again.
I started rereading this series because I needed something less... depressing, for the lack of a better word. I feel like nearly everyone who is a fan of the genres this series falls into has read these books, so I doubt I'll say anything about them that somebody hasn't said before, but oh well.
This one started off at a good pace, enough action to draw me in yet enough details were kept hidden to make me want to keep going, find out more. Even though I've read them before, it's been several years, so I had forgotten almost all of the smaller details of the plots.
One thing I enjoy about these books so far, though, is all of the foreshadowing, the little hints dropped along the way, that I don't recall picking up the first time around. Because of that, rereading these books is almost... endearing.
I'm also happy that, even though these are considered children's/middle grade books, they don't feel dumbed down in comparison even to a lot of young adult books I've picked up. Yeah, the writing style isn't very complex, but in this case, I think that makes the story even more enjoyable and easy to move along with.
I feel like people of any age could enjoy this series.