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Water Walker - Episode 1

Water Walker - Episode 1 - Ted Dekker It's been about eight months since I've read anything by Ted Dekker, but I have read quite a few of his works in the past, such as The Priest's Graveyard, Adam, Saint, and a couple of others. I'm amassing quite the collection of his books, because I've enjoyed a lot of his previous work, and I'm a bit sad that more people don't know about him sometimes.

Yes, most of his work is classified as Christian Fiction, and most of it contains some form of corrupt religion or religious follower. Normally it's not something I'd go for, but usually he's able to deliver it in a tasteful, not too down-your-throat way.

I've read one of his other serial novels, Eyes Wide Open, and quite enjoyed it at the time. This one definitely shows some promise as well. However, this is one of his first newer works that I've read, and I have to say, it lacks that underlying vibe that made me love the previous books of his so much.

This wasn't a bad start to the story, but it didn't quite catch my attention enough for me to want to buy the whole book. I think it would be worth a read if you're more into abduction stories than I am, though. There were some parts that felt rushed, and unlike the other serial novel I've read by him, each section doesn't seem to have it's on little conclusion or cliffhanger that makes you want to rush off and find the next part.

I may end up reading the rest of the serial novels in this set in the future, but I don't think I'll be putting it at the top of my list.