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Daddy's Little Killer - L.S. Sygnet I'm so glad I didn't pay anything for this book. It was extremely disappointing and I'm incredibly confused by all of the raving reviews.
I only got about halfway through before I decided to give up. It's really rare that I completely give up on a book, but all the inconsistencies were stressing me out and sucking all of the joy out of reading it.
In lieu of wasting any more time on this book by writing a full review of it, here's my notes on the things that bothered me:
- The writing in the beginning had potential, I really thought I was going to like this book for the first few chapters.
- The author seemed to be more focused on providing borderline purple prose than actually telling the story.
- At some parts, it seems as if entire paragraphs are missing. Action jumps from one thing to the next with no explanation, the scenery changes out of nowhere, new characters are just suddenly there, etc.
- The story was difficult to follow because of the above problem.
- A lot of the dialogue was poorly written. It was difficult to tell who was saying what. On top of that, most of it was pretty unrealistic.
- The punctuation (or lack thereof, in some places) was very bothersome. Mainly, missing commas.
- The characters are very inconsistent in, well... character.
- Once some things actually started happening and the case was being investigated, new discoveries that were not mentioned would just magically appear in conversation as though they were things that had been known from the beginning.
I feel like this author could have some potential, but I don't think I'll be looking into any of their other works.