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My name is Vada. I've enjoyed reading pretty much my entire life, so I made this blog to post my opinion on the things I read.

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Hushabye - Celina Grace Yet another ebook that I got for free off of Barnes and Nobles website. I usually take my nook around with me when I'm about to finish a physical book and don't plan on being home for a while, so I'm never without something to read. Novellas like this really come in handy.

This was a pretty typical crime mystery, nothing outstanding but also not bad. If you're more into this genre than I am, I think you'll really enjoy it, for me it was just pretty "meh."

The writing is good, I didn't notice many (if any) serious errors in grammar or format, and the story carried along at a pretty good pace. The only thing that really bugged me was the drawing out of the revelation of the main characters "secret." With all that suspense, I expected something much grander than what actually happened.

But, all in all, it's an alright book, short and quick, a good book in between something longer.