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Revival: A Novel

Revival: A Novel - Stephen King I believe I've mentioned it before, but I haven't read a whole lot of King's newer work, even though that's how I was introduced to him in the first place. I had pretty mixed expectations about this book; almost all of the reviews that I read prior to reading it were raving about it, but at the same time, it didn't seem as though the plot was going to intrigue me, upon first glance.
I'm pretty happy to say that I enjoyed this one, though. Personally, it reminded me of some of Ted Dekker's work, namely Adam and The Priest's Graveyard, due to the incorporation of religion into an overall darker theme.
As far as this book goes, the overall style of it reminded me of some of the older King books that I've read, but written by a newer man. I feel like this would be a fairly good choice, out of the ones I've read so far, for those who want to read something by Stephen King but can't quite tolerate so much gore. There are only two or three scenes with it, and it's not as... indulgent as it is in a lot of his other books.
This book kept me interested the whole way through, and it's definitely kept me thinking.