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The Regulators - Richard Bachman, Stephen King I read the sister book to The Regulators, Desperation, in May of last year, and it easily ranks as one of my favorite books. They have a lot in common, but there is definitely a difference in the overall vibe of the two books.
I really love the parallel universe thing going on here. It's a great concept, and something I haven't read before. Some of the characters are the same people with the same names, and then others have sort of switched roles within the families. For example, one character who was a mother in the other book is now the daughter.
However, the first 2/3 of this book feel like filler to me, like the real action is just trying to be prolonged as much as possible. It began to get old to me at about the half way point, and if the action hadn't picked up there, I probably would have abandoned this one.
For the last 1/3 of the book, it began to feel like it was actually a story meant to be coupled with Desperation, and not just a half-finished afterthought of ideas left over from the other book. I really enjoyed this part.
For anybody who has the two of these books, or is looking into picking one or both of them up, I highly suggest reading Desperation first. It's a much more vibrant story, the characters see more development, and though it starts off slow, the story is well worth it.
I'm sorry if this review seems choppy - I'm having a hard time putting my thoughts for it into words. It's definitely worth a look if you enjoyed Desperation, but I wouldn't recommend it as a stand alone read, because I feel that you would be missing out if you read The Regulators without Desperation.