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Cujo - Stephen King I'm just now starting to get into some of King's older work. Aside from Misery (which I really enjoyed) everything of his that I've read has been in the past 20 years or so, I believe.
His older work is definitely much more crude than his newer stuff, which isn't necessarily a bad thing to me. I grew up reading horror and having an interest in all things morbid, so I'm very desensitized to it all, and I even got a laugh out of some of it. Still, I just thought I'd mention it for anyone who would be bothered by it.
The story starts off slow; it took me a few days to find the motivation to get through the rambling at the beginning of the book, which is the main reason I deducted a star from my rating. I enjoyed the plot overall, I just feel as though the telling could have been a bit more precise in some places.
If you're a fan of King's work, you might like this one, though I feel as though it's on a different level than the other things I've read from him thus far.
If you're sensitive to gore or morbid things in general, though, you might want to stay clear of this one.